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True North

Warning: this novel contains snarky banter, hot surfer dudes, a cocky Australian actor, tundra-melting sexual tension, the northern lights, shared tents, campfires, and frenzied forest shenanigans.


Alaska is where they exile snarky New Yorkers whose lives are falling apart.
Well . . . okay, maybe I’m being a little dramatic. My boss called it a temporary leave of absence, right before he offered me a promotion on my way out the door. Now I’ve got two weeks to kill and big decisions to make. Sure, the ER can function without me, but what’s a trauma nurse to do without her hospital?

If you’re me, you hop a plane to a remote lodge for a solitary retreat. I wanted silence and tranquility. The time and space to think. Perhaps some freaking fresh air. I wasn’t prepared for what I got when I snagged the resort’s last vacancy. THE Wes Emerson.

The Australian actor is too gorgeous—and too irresistible—for his own good. And lucky me, I get to spend the next fourteen days with the cocky celebrity who makes it his mission to antagonize me for crashing his guys’ trip. It looks like the Far North may not be big enough for both of us.

Wes can push my buttons all he wants. It won’t take me a New York minute to show him Lena Hamilton doesn’t back down from anyone. Especially not panty-melting surfer dudes with insanely blue eyes.

Except, even when he riles me up, Wes is infuriatingly charismatic. Thoughtful. Attentive. All the things my ex wasn’t. No matter how much I want to believe his flirting is genuine, I’m not stupid. Let’s be real, he’s way out of my league, and I’ll be an afterthought as soon as this vacation is over.

Of course, leave it to fate—and Mother Nature—to out-drama me.

Wes and I quickly discover why Alaska is nicknamed the Last Frontier when we find ourselves stranded in the arctic wilderness.
Now I have no choice but to trust him.

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