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Coming Soon

Here are my upcoming books!

The Prodigy Series

The River Series

Garrett and Ella's story continues...

Coming 2023

Dive into The River, a water-themed New York City kink club where everyone gets a little wet...

Coming 2023

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2Aria Compass navy.png
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I'm so proud to be part of the following charity anthology!

Falling for the Enemy benefits the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. This anthology releases on 6-6-2023!

He’s cocky. Arrogant. Infuriating. The bane of my existence. But his touch makes me burn with need. Every time we come together it’s like a collision of fire and ice—intense, all-consuming, and utterly unstoppable. We’re all wrong for each other… yet so very right.

Tread the fine line between love and hate with 25 steamy new stories that will have you falling for the enemy!

*100% of proceeds benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Falling for the Enemy Man Final.jpg
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