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ENTANGLED - new ebook cover 3-9-2024.jpg

This Christmas, special delivery has a whole new meaning. . .

Once upon a time, I delivered a package to a billionaire recluse who lives in a mountaintop tower overlooking Mistletoe Creek, Tennessee. She expected a different driver—much later in the day. Instead, she got me. Nothing could have prepared me for my first encounter with the golden-haired goddess.

Rowan is quirky. Awkward. Demanding. And the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on. When she coerces me into staying for dinner, I quickly discover she’s far more complex than the spoiled princess mask she wears. One thing is crystal clear—the pain inside her mirrors my own.

No matter how deeply we connect, I need to remember I’m too old, too jaded, and far too dangerous for a woman like her. What could she possibly want with a damaged ex-Marine who can’t let go of his past? I should keep my distance, but the more tangled up we get, the harder it is for me to stay away. After all, I am her delivery guy.

Harder still, is dealing with the knowledge of her side hustle—one that exposes secrets I’d much rather keep for myself.

I don’t like to share. So this year, I’m asking Santa for a gift that is only mine to unwrap.

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