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The Compass


the Prodigy


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Compass Series book 1

Book 1 of 2 in the True North Duet

It was supposed to be a guys’ trip.

Just my best mates and me at a remote lodge in Alaska’s Far North. They promised a breather from the stifling attention. Nature. Seclusion. Two weeks with no cameras, no autographs, and definitely no women.

Tell that to the snarky New York nurse who snagged the resort’s last vacancy.

Lena Hamilton is the wildcard I never expected to be dealt.

She’s got a dirty mind, a smart mouth, and couldn't care less that I'm Wes Emerson, Hollywood actor. She doesn’t just rattle my cage, she bites back, pushing buttons I didn’t know I had. Her soft heart and fiery spirit make me ache for things I’ve sworn off for years. Something more. Something deeper.

Lena doesn’t believe I truly want her, but when we find ourselves at the mercy of the Alaskan wilderness, she has no choice but to trust me.

Warning: this novel contains snarky banter, hot surfer dudes, a cocky Australian actor, tundra-melting sexual tension, the northern lights, shared tents, campfires, and frenzied forest shenanigans.



True North is now available on audio!


Hear Lena and Wes come to life with duet narration by Desireé Ketchum and Rupert Channing


Compass Series book 2

Book 2 of 2 in the True North Duet

Alaska was a brutal hostess.

I spent three weeks lost in the wilderness with celebrity heartthrob, Wes Emerson. Sharing a tent with the Australian actor was one thing. Opening my heart?

That was a totally different ballgame—and you guessed it—he won.

Wes is the embodiment of warmth, strength, and shelter. We forged a soul-deep connection in the face of peril and uncertainty.

Too bad our rescue was only the beginning.

When reality comes knocking, it hits hard. I’m an ordinary nurse from upstate New York. He’s a Hollywood A-lister who lives on a different continent. Our lifestyles are worlds apart.

What happens without Mother Nature to level the playing field?

Can our love withstand the noise, chaos, and media attention?

Yeah, Wes and I conquered the Far North, but we discover wilderness can take on many forms . . .


Warning: this novel contains scorching long-distance lovin', caramel syrup, paparazzi, shared showers, and kamikazes.


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