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The Compass


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True North

She's the wildcard he never expected to be dealt...

Wes Emerson is at the pinnacle of his career. The Australian actor has more fame, money, and adoring women than he knows what to do with. Too much. What better place to decompress, than an exclusive lodge in Alaska’s Far North? But when his brother backs out at the last minute, and a snarky New York nurse snags the vacancy, she challenges everything Wes knows of himself. 

Lena Hamilton didn’t plan on a forced leave of absence from work, nor did she expect to wind up in Alaska. Trapped in the crossroads of ambition and self-preservation, the Manhattan trauma nurse has two weeks to decide the future of her career. When Lena finds herself at a remote lodge with THE Wes Emerson, her job is the last thing on her mind. While she can’t control her body’s response to the panty-melter, she’ll be damned if she opens her heart.

Fiercely independent, Lena is nothing like the women Wes is used to. She calls his every bluff, pushing buttons he didn’t know he had. And as the growly alpha inside Wes begins to pace, Lena doesn’t just rattle his cage, she bites back, making him want things he’d sworn off for years. When they land at the mercy of the Alaskan wilderness, Lena and Wes quickly learn Mother Nature doesn’t pull her punches.


They find their True North in each other, but can they make it out alive?

North Star

Wilderness takes on many forms as the journey continues for Lena and Wes in North Star, book two in the Compass Series.


The North Star shines brighter in darkness, but city lights and camera flashes have a way of drowning out the night sky. Can Lena and Wes hold on to True North, or will they lose their way?

Place to Land

The Northern and Southern hemispheres collide in Place to Land, book three in the Compass Series. 

When the ocean between them is reduced to a street, Jake Bennett discovers that no fruit tastes sweeter than the forbidden...

Much more to come! 



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