Bring a fire extinguisher 
and some spare undies...


The Compass


the Prodigy


the river



Devil's in the Details

Lincoln Kennedy leads a double life. By day, he’s a freelance editor desperate to make a name for himself in New York’s cutthroat publishing market. After dark, he works to fulfill a contract he made with the She-Devil owner of The River, a private water-themed kink club. Lincoln’s ability to bring his clients to a boil has earned him a reputation as the club’s hottest “pleasure concierge.” Temperatures plummet after he interviews for an editorial position with the infamous Ice Queen of publishing. But mercury rises when he discovers his new boss naked and ready to submit in his private lagoon.


Elinora Iverson may publish romance, but her cheating ex-husband ruined her happily ever after. Her shattered heart’s in a permafrost, but when she interviews Lincoln Kennedy for a position with Iverson Melt, he’s the plot twist of a lifetime. Lincoln’s aptitude for editing sex scenes ignites Elinora’s libido, and she can’t help but fantasize about him as her hero between the sheets. When she attends a masquerade party at The River, she submits to her pleasure concierge in the dark and imagines Lincoln as the man flooding her senses.


When Elinora discovers that her hunky new employee and her pleasure concierge are one in the same, the Ice Queen begins to thaw. Elinora doesn’t want to share Lincoln, but he is chained to his contract. As they both fall deeper into each other, one detail becomes crystal clear…


When you make a deal with the Devil herself, the Devil’s in the details.

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