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Garrett Casey is living the dream. The graphic designer scored the male lead in Prodigy, a forthcoming Broadway theater production. Edgy, explosive, and intense, Prodigy speaks to the aspiring actor's affinity for extremes. And Garrett is an extremely busy man. He juggles his clients, his rehearsals, and his demons in a delicate equilibrium. Garrett’s balance is tipped when a mutual friend introduces him to an enigmatic photojournalist. Little does he realize, but this mystery woman may be his undoing.


Ella Sammons has seen darkness others can only dream of, so she keeps everyone at arm’s length. No one can hurt her if she doesn’t let them close enough. She learned that lesson the hard way. Is she happy? No, not really. But she’s made peace with being the fortress… until Garrett swings into her orbit. Like a moth to his flame, Ella can’t resist the gravitational pull of Garrett Casey, nor can she force herself to push him away.

Garrett takes a wrecking ball to Ella's defenses, and she lacks the power -or the will- to stop him. As her walls come crumbling down, Ella realizes she wants them to fall. But when the secrets of her past threaten to destroy them, Garrett must face the hard truth that some extremes have blurred edges. And sometimes, you don't know which side you're on until it's too late...